6 Styling Tips for Mid-Century Modern Nesting Tables

written by Kelsey Taber March 2, 2018

I am forever on the lookout for cute mid-century modern furniture to decorate my home. I love the clean lines, rich wood and interesting retro elements mid-century furniture can bring into a space. It’s a style of furniture that, in my opinion, can be placed into any space and work well with more traditional home decor pieces.

Recently I found an adorable set of mid-century modern nesting tables at a local thrift store and I had to have them. For $40, I snagged these beauties up without a plan for where I’d place them within my home. They were just too pretty to pass up. I was drawn to their simple peg legs with gold feet and the the parquet herringbone pattern (I may have just made up that wood grain style on the fly).

Mid Century Modern Nesting Tables

Choosing The Perfect Place For My Mid-Century-Modern Nesting Tables

At first I opted to place them in my dining room, however there really wasn’t enough room for them to actually be used and seen. Out of curiosity I moved them up to our attic bedroom and absolutely loved how they looked in the all white space. It was just what the space needed to add some warmth and make it more usable. Not to mention the angled line of the ceiling, paired with the different levels of the tables worked perfectly together.

Mid Century Modern Nesting Tables

Styling Tips for Mid-Century Modern Nesting Tables

Tip #1: Add a pop of color

My first tip for styling mid-century modern nesting tables is to add a pop of color. Using colorful decor pieces pairs nicely with the wood of the table, especially if your room is a neutral space. When styling a piece, I like to bring out color in the form of planters, candles, bold picture frames and even pretty book covers. In my home I always end up including a pop of blue or teal and gold throughout spaces I’m decorating. It’s like a 6th sense when I’m on the hunt for new decor, I’m always drawn to those colors.

Tip #2: Choose your decor based on height

With nesting tables the appeal is that you have different levels to decorate and use to your advantage. Not only do the levels make them super functional for a mix-use space, It also allows you to follow suit with your design. Choose your decor items based on height. For example start at the highest level with your tallest design item, like a house plant or a lamp. Then work your way down each level with smaller height items. For my mid-century modern nesting tables I started with my snake plant in a bright blue planter and placed it on the tallest level. Then I used a burnt orange candle and gray metal container to prop up some of my favorite books. Finally, I used a short circular gold framed piece of artwork and interesting marble coasters at the lowest level.

Tip #3: Use a houseplant

Another styling tip for nesting tables is to use a houseplant. Plants are a great way to add color, personality and a natural element to your home decor. I’ve personally been learning to be more brave and purchase real house plants instead of fake ones, as a few unfortunate succulent deaths in an old rental home made me really apprehensive to take them on. However, recently I’ve effectively kept alive a snake plant and a planter full of succulents, so I’m considering adding to my collection. For my mid-century modern nesting tables, I moved my snake plant upstairs temporarily to see how it would look and loved it in it’s bright blue planter in that space.

Tip #4: Give them a functional purpose

A fourth styling tip for nesting tables is to think about function before you style. Depending on the room you’re placing your tables in, they will take on a different function. One example of this is if they were to be used in a bar room or dining room, adding an cute tray with assorted beverages, a bright ice bucket, and glassware could be an awesome little bar. For my mid-century modern nesting tables I knew I wanted to create a little reading nook in my attic bedroom, so adding my favorite books into the decor made them readily available in that space.

Tip #5: Frame them with artwork

The wall space surrounding your nesting tables in just as important as what’s placed on the tables. Arranging bold art pieces in a staggered and interesting way will work well with the different levels of the tables. I didn’t change the existing artwork that was on my wall as it was already staggered based on the pitch of the ceiling. This art played well with the different levels of the mid-century modern nesting tables because it was staggered in the opposite way, and worked with the tables heights.

Tip #6: Work with the room’s (or surrounding furniture’s) architecture

The final tip for styling nesting tables is to work with the room’s, or surrounding furniture’s architecture. Placing them flat on a wall with a straight ceiling, might not look how you’re expecting. However, placing them next to a piece of furniture, like a couch or chair, with a similar height will anchor them nicely. Or, like the example I’ve used, place them in a part of your house with a pitched ceiling. For my mid-century modern nesting tables, I worked off the pitch of the ceiling in my attic bedroom.

Mid Century Modern Nesting TablesMid Century Modern Nesting Tables

Overall, nesting tables are a super versatile piece of furniture to have in your home decor arsenal. They’re functional in many different types of spaces. They can give you just the right amount of surface space for a nook or cranny in your house that needs a little something more. When styling them, you can use these tips to make them look beautiful in any room in your house.

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