Our Mid-Century Modern Attic Bedroom Remodel: Before & After

written by Kelsey Taber March 5, 2018

When we purchased our cute bungalow from my Great Uncle Mike, there were a few spaces in the home that weren’t used by him. He mainly spent his time in our add-on wood paneling room, the kitchen and the main floor bedroom. One area that was left completely untouched, aside from being used for occasional storage, was the upstairs attic bedroom.

This attic bedroom was like traveling back in time. It was equipped with the original wood paneling, green shag carpet and a dusty rose colored accent wall. When we bought the house, we knew this would be our primary, and most expensive, renovation.

Mid-Century Modern Attic Bedroom Remodel

Preparing for the Attic Bedroom Remodel

We first assessed the scope of the project. There were three main updates to the space that were not negotiable. The wood paneling needed to be brightened up, the bedroom space used a really outdated drywall alternative material that needed to be updated and the flooring needed to be ripped out and replaced. We then brainstormed some budget-friendly ideas about how we could renovate the space ourselves. We came up with a few ideas including:

  1. Painting all of the wood paneling white.
  2. Covering the outdated drywall with a bead board material.
  3. Updating the flooring with new carpeting.

The Attic Bedroom Remodel Process

We did some research and decided to do 50% of the project on our own. On our plate we placed painting out the wood paneling, and then we hired a contractor for the other projects. The contractor ended up completely replacing the drywall on all of the walls in the main bedroom, and both ceilings. It was a more cost effective option that incorporating bead board, and I’m really happy with how it turned out. They also put brand new neutral carpet up the stairs and throughout the entire attic space. Although I know wood floors that matched the floors throughout our main floor would have been beautiful, it didn’t fit into our budget and I personally find carpeted bedrooms to be more cozy.

Mid-Century Modern Attic Bedroom Remodel Mid-Century Modern Attic Bedroom Remodel

Painting the wood paneling took 6 painful coats of primer and white paint, and we opted to take on the task of painting the new drywall to cut costs as well. We spent hours and hours of sweat equity making the space look crisp, light and bright. The final product, once the carpet was laid down, made the room into a relaxing space that felt like ours.

Mid-Century Modern Attic Bedroom Remodel Mid-Century Modern Attic Bedroom Remodel

Adding Mid-Century Modern Elements to Our Attic Bedroom

Once the attic bedroom remodel was complete we decided to keep the minimalistic feel of the room, while adding some mid-century modern accents. We already had a simple bed and nightstands from Ikea that suited the space for now, as well as a small wood dresser that had come with us during the move. To give the space a mid-century modern twist that I love, I searched high and low for a long sleek wood dresser to make as the focal point of the room. I also wanted a few other small furniture pieces that fit that style throughout the space.

A few weeks into my dresser search I found the perfect mid-century modern dresser at our local thrift store for a steal – $70!  I also picked up a pretty dusty rose colored mid-century modern chair from World Market to pay tribute to the original accent wall in the space. Finally, I picked up the cutest set of mid-century modern nesting tables that completed the entrance area of the room.

Mid-Century Modern Attic Bedroom Remodel Mid-Century Modern Attic Bedroom Remodel Mid-Century Modern Attic Bedroom Remodel

We put a ton of work into every stage of this attic bedroom remodel. It gave us a unique connection to our home, as we were able to essentially start from a blank slate. I’ve had so much fun designing this room, and there is so much more that I envision with this space.

Do you have a favorite space in your home that you feel connected to? What about a favorite piece of furniture that evokes the same feeling? Let me know in the comments!

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